Further Reading

This page presents links to astronomical material which may be of interest to students.

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

This image gallery is produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute (or STScI) which is the astronomical research centre responsible for operating the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

Astronomy Notes

A good introduction to astronomy, also available as a textbook.

The Nine Planets

A detailed guide to our solar system including the (eight) major planets, minor planets, comets, asteroids and more.


NASA is perhaps the most famous space agency in the world and it has a large number of web sites covering most (if not all) aspects of astronomy.

European Space Agency (ESA)

ESA has fifteen member states in Europe and has Canada as a co-operating state. Since its formation in 1975, ESA has raised Europe's status from minor to major player in space research. The Science and Technology page includes information on ESA's missions and space science news.


Many magazines have web sites with astronomy related news and features.

Societies and Organisations

There are many societies and organisations around the world dedication to the advancement and promotion of Astronomy, for both professional and amateur members. Their web sites also have a variety of free news and information.


There are numerous astronomical journals featuring papers and letters discussing the latest research.

Astronomical Catalogues and Literature

  • The NASA Astrophysics Data System includes both basic and advanced search tools to find astronomical literature articles.
  • CDS provide access to several astronomical catalogues, including the SIMBAD astronomical database of stars and other objects outside our solar system. This can be searched by name, co-ordinates, or other object properties.
  • The Space Science Data Centre is an archive of NASA mission data.

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