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Missions to Venus

 Magellan - NASA Venus Radar Mapping Mission (1989-1994)
 Pioneer Venus - NASA Orbiter/Probes to Venus (1978-1992)
 Galileo - NASA Mission to Jupiter (Venus flyby - 1990)
 Vega 1 - Soviet mission to Venus and Comet Halley (Venus flyby - 1985)
 Vega 2 - Soviet mission to Venus and Comet Halley (Venus flyby - 1985)
 Venera - Soviet Venus Missions (1961-1983)
 Mariner 10 - NASA Mission to Venus and Mercury (1973-1975)
 Mariner 5 - NASA Venus flyby (1967)
 Mariner 2 - NASA Venus flyby (1962)

Future Missions

 MESSENGER - NASA Mercury Orbiter (2004) (Two Venus Flybys)
 Venus Express - ESA Venus Orbiter (2005)
 Planet-C - ISAS Venus Orbiter (2007)
 BepiColombo - ESA Mercury Orbiters and Lander (2009) (Possible Venus Flyby)

 Venus Chronology - Timeline of all attempted and future Venus missions

Other Venus Resources

 Magellan Fact Sheet
 Planetary positions - generates coordinates for chosen planet at a given time
 Venus Thermospheric and Ionospheric Models - Based on Pioneer Venus Data
 Reference Books on Venus

 Venus Feature Names and Locations - Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature
 PDS Microwave Subnode at MIT
 More about Venus - The Nine Planets

Venus Data on CD-ROM

 Magellan Venus radar image mosaics
 Magellan Venus altimetry/radiometry data records
 Magellan Venus global data records
 Pre-Magellan data
 Magellan Venus FMAPs
 Magellan Venus LOS gravity data
 Pioneer Venus fields and particles data
 Galileo CD-ROMs - Venus flyby data

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