The "New Horizons" mission has been chosen to fly to Pluto and on to the Kuiper Belt.

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Missions to Pluto

Future Missions

 New Horizons - Pluto Flyby, Kuiper Belt mission (2006)

Press Releases

 "New Horizons" mission chosen for flight to Pluto.
 "New Horizons" and "POSSE" - two missions chosen for feasibility studies.
 Pluto-Kuiper Express - NASA Flyby Mission to Pluto - cancelled, new mission proposals solicited.

Other Sources of Information on Pluto

 IAU press release on Pluto's classification as a planet
 20th Anniversary of the Discovery of Charon - U.S. Naval Observatory Press Release
 Reference Books about Pluto

 University of Colorado Pluto page
 Lowell Observatory Pluto page
 "Views of the Solar System" Pluto page
 Pluto Occultation page - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 More about Pluto - The Nine Planets

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