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Missions to the Moon

 SMART 1 - ESA Lunar Orbiter Mission (2003)
 Lunar Prospector - NASA Lunar Discovery Mission
 Clementine - DoD/NASA Lunar Mapping Mission
 Galileo - NASA Mission to Jupiter - Lunar Flyby
 Apollo - NASA Lunar Manned Missions
 Lunar Orbiter - NASA Lunar Mapping Missions
 Surveyor - NASA Lunar Lander Missions
 Ranger - NASA Lunar Impact Missions
 Luna and Zond - Soviet Lunar Missions
 Hiten - ISAS Lunar Flyby and Orbiter
 AsiaSat 3/HGS-1 - Commercial Telecommunications Satellite

Future Missions

 SELENE - JAXA (Japan) Lunar Orbiter Mission (2006)
 Lunar-A - JAXA (Japan) Lunar Orbiter and Penetrator Mission (2006)
 Chandrayaan-1 - ISRO (India) Lunar Orbiter Mission (2007)
 Chang'e 1 - CAST (China) Lunar Orbiter Mission (2007)
 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - NASA Lunar Orbiter Mission (2008)
 Moonrise - NASA New Frontiers sample return mission under study

Other Lunar Resources

 Lunar Science Home Page
 Lunar Exploration Timeline
 On-line Books about the Moon
 Lunar Landing Site Map - Map showing landing sites of the Luna, Surveyor, and Apollo missions
 The Moon Trees - Trees planted from seeds taken to the Moon on the Apollo 14 mission
 Water ice on the Moon
 Lunar Digital Image Model - and other DIMs
 Apollo 11 (July 20, 1969) - 30th Anniversary
 Apollo 11 - 25th Anniversary
 The Apollo 13 accident - Images and information
 Precise positions of LM's and science experiments on the Moon
 The Double Blue Moon of 1999 - and information on Blue Moons in general
 European Space Agency plans for lunar exploration - Press Release 5 March 1998
 Information and links on the 11 August 1999 solar eclipse and eclipses in general
 Clementine Lunar Mosaics on CD-ROM - Available from NSSDC
 Clementine Raw Images on CD-ROM - Available from NSSDC
 Galileo CD-ROMs - Lunar flybys
 Reference Books about the Moon

 Lunar Feature Names and Locations - Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature
 Moon Phases, Moon and Sun Rise and Set Times - U.S. Naval Observatory
 Moon Phase Calculator - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
 More about the Moon - The Nine Planets

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