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Image of four possible optical counterparts inside the x-ray error circle.

NASA Scientists Catch Unique Gamma-Ray Burst

After 30 years, they finally caught one. Using the Swift satellite, scientists for the first time detected and pinned down the location of a so-called "short" gamma-ray burst, one lasting only 50 milliseconds.

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Dr. Jean Cottam

Featured Scientist: Dr. Jean Cottam

Sometimes astronomers get to work on a project from beginning to end: instrument development, launch, and data analysis. Dr. Jean Cottam is fortunate to be one of them.

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Satellite Showcase: Astro-E2

Astro-E2 is the latest Japanese X-ray observatory that includes instruments developed by NASA. NASA is providing X-ray optics and a revolutionary X-ray Spectrometer that measures the energy of an X-ray by taking its temperature.

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