ESA Science & Technology30-Jun-2005 16:34:07


Radio and Plasma Waves

Jupiter is a prolific source of natural radio waves, emitting at many wavelengths. The unique direction-finding capability and high sensitivity of the Ulysses radio and plasma wave (URAP) experiment provided new insights and clues as to the origin of these radio signals. For example, the so-called "narrow-band kilometric" (nKOM) radiation was found to originate from discrete, long-lived sources that are located in the outer regions of the Io Plasma Torus, and which rotated around Jupiter at slightly different rates. Ulysses observations of the hectometric radiation (HOM) revealed narrow latitudinal beaming along the magnetic equator. Several bursts of radio emission showing a characteristic rapid drift in frequency, so-called "Jovian type III" events were detected with Voyager. Ulysses recorded many events of this type, and they appear to be a major component of Jupiter's radio spectrum.

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