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The Sun and Stars

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Home pages of the main web sites used above:

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC): Solar Physics
These pages contain an overview of solar physics along with highlights of MSFC's work, current projects, and possible future NASA missions. There is information for both student and and professional scientist.
NASA's Imagine the Universe
Imagine's homepage can be accessed either with the external link or here for the downloaded advanced science content.
Royal Observatory, Greenwich (ROG)
The Royal Observatory's web site contains a very useful section called Astronomy Fact Files which is divided into sections such as the universe, the stars, and the solar system. Much of the ROG internal pages content has been downloaded from the stars section. Astronomy Fact Files can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of the ROG home page.
European Space Agency (ESA) Science and Technology
ESA's Science and Technology web site is organized by mission. Use the site map for specific missions to navigate through stellar topics.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
This site includes a selection of links to topical images from APOD archives (here). In addition to outstanding images, each picture has external links related to the subject of the picture.

Other related external web sites:

Solar Data Analysis Centre
This is the web site of NASA's Solar Data Analysis Centre. From here it is possible to find solar mission data and current solar images.

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