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Home pages of the web sites used above:

Royal Observatory, Greenwich (ROG)
The Royal Observatory's web site contains a very useful section called Astronomy Fact Files which is divided into sections such as the universe, the stars, and the solar system. Much of the ROG internal pages content has been downloaded. Astronomy Fact Files can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of the ROG home page.
Nick Strobel's Astronomy Notes.
Astronomy Notes is an excellent web site covering all introductory astronomy topics.(here).

Other related external web sites:

Science@NASA has sections on space science, astronomy, earth sceience and beyond rocketry. There is a substantial science news archive.
NASA's Imagine the Universe!
Imagine the Universe! has introductory level information on astronomical fundamentals, cosmic objects and cosmological questions. More advanced material is available at the Advanced Science web site (here).
Journey into the Heavens
"Journey into the Heavens" is a web site which provides an introduction to the solar system, constellations, space missions and much more.
The On-line Planetarium Show
"The On-line Planetarium Show" is an educational site which teaches lessons in astronomy and related subjects.
Yahoo! Astronomy Directory
List of many useful astronomy sites provided at Yahoo!

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