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Extra-solar Planets and the Search for Life

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Home pages of main extrasolar and search for life web sites included above:

NASA's Kepler Mission: A search for habitable planets.
NASA's Kepler Mission is a space mission designed to detect and characterize hundreds of Earth-size planets of a wide variety of stars. The web site contains information on methods for detecting extrasolar planets. Much of the material has been included above.
NASA's Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) Planet Quest
NASA's SIM will use interferometry to determine much more accurately the positions and distances of stars throughout the galaxy and to probe nearby stars for planets. Most of the science content of the web site has been included here.
NASA's Origins
"Origins" is the NASA web site of their Origins program which serves to answer the questions: where do we come from and are we alone? The site is a rich mixture of text and images providing information on all aspects of understanding life in the universe.
Royal Observatory, Greenwich (ROG)
The Royal Observatory's web site contains a very useful section called Astronomy Fact Files which is divided into sections such as the universe, the stars, and the solar system. Much of the ROG internal pages content has been downloaded. Astronomy Fact Files can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of the ROG home page.
European Space Agency (ESA) Science and Technology
ESA's Science and Technology web site is organized by mission. Use either the site map or the search facility (here) to navigate through exosolar topics.
SETI Institute On-line
This web site is the home page of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute. It covers aspects of the institute itself and the methods being employed in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Other extrasolar and search for life related external web sites:

NASA's PlanetQuest - The Search for Another Earth
NASA's PlanetQuest web site is the home for planet-finding missions including Keck Interferometer, SIM, Terrestrial Planet Finder, Spitzer Space Telescope, Kepler, and LBTI.
The Extra-solar Planets Encyclopedia
This French web site provides a good overview of the search for extra-solar planets and the results so far. It has been created by Jean Schneider of the Paris Observatory.
California & Carnegie Planet Search
This web site contains just about everything concerning exosolar planets. See Research Notes: Extrasolar Planets for the science of exosolar planets inluding Characteristics of Extrasolar Planets and Controversies Regarding Extrasolar Planets.
COROT is CNES extrasolar planet mission.
Planetary Systems Branch
This web site is the home page of NASA's Planetary Systems branch who's purpose is to study the origin, structure and evolution of planetary systems.
Astrobiology Magazine
This is the website of Astrobiology Magazine, which is run by NASA. It provides some interesting articles on planetary exploration and its implications for Astrobiology.
The Planetary Society
The Planetary Society was founded to encourage the exploration of our solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. This web site is the home page of The Planetary Society's British Volunteer Team.

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